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Plumbing and Heating Specialists West London

How Can You Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient?

Making your house energy-efficient is one of the best things you can do as a homeowner. By taking this step, you’ll reduce your utility bills and save more money down the road. You’ll also do your part in saving the earth and making it a better place for future generations.

The question now is this: what exactly should you do to create a more energy-efficient home? Well, you can start by taking these steps:

Get a new boiler

If your boiler is several years or even decades old, it probably consumes more energy than needed. So, if you have the budget, replace it with a new and more energy-efficient efficient model as soon as possible. Don’t worry since there are many heating engineers West London who can help you choose the right make and model and will install it for you.

Keep your heating system in good shape

Even if your boiler and heating system are relatively new, they might still consume too much power if they’re not properly maintained. So, if you need boiler repairs West London or even if you just notice that your heating system no longer runs as efficiently as it used to, get the help of gas engineers ASAP. These experts can work on the required repairs and improvements on your system, bringing it back to good shape and ensuring it consumes the least possible amount of energy to keep your home warm.

Invest in a thermostat

If you don’t yet have a room thermostat, it’s time to purchase one right now along with a thermostat programmer and thermostatic radiator valves. These equipment will automatically turn your heating system on and off according to your preferences and allow you to set the temperature levels you want for each room. They’ll even let you choose which areas you want to be heated and which ones you don’t, effectively reducing your energy consumption. You can talk with your gas engineers West London to know which thermostat is ideal for your home.

Top up your insulation

Having enough insulation is important to keep heat from escaping your home and consuming too much energy. So, if it’s been years since you’ve topped up your home’s insulation, it’s probably the right time to do it now. You can use mineral wool if you can easily access your loft, while blown insulation is better if your loft is inaccessible. Don’t forget to insulate cavity walls and floorboards as well as tanks, radiators, and pipes.

Update your plumbing fixtures

You may not realise it, but your bathroom fixtures may be causing you to consume too much water and energy. Fortunately, you can easily fix this by replacing them with newer and more environmentally friendly models. For instance, if your shower sources hot water from your boiler, you can replace shower head with a water-efficient model. This way, you can enjoy a nice, warm shower without wasting gallons of water.

Buying a thermostat, improving your insulation, hiring plumbing and heating specialists West London to repair your boiler these are just some of the things you can do to reduce your energy consumption. Take these steps now and be closer to having an energy-efficient home!

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