Plumbing and Heating Specialists St Albans

Plumbing and Heating Specialists St Albans

Preparing for Winter: 5 Important Steps to Take

Winter is still several months away, but it’s not too early to prepare for it. In fact, it’s important to prepare for the cold season as early as you can, particularly if you live in an area that’s prone to blizzards and snowstorms. To help you get started, here are some of the steps that you should take to be ready for the chilly months.

Ensure your heating system is in good shape

Obviously, you’ll be depending a lot on your boiler and heating system during winter. Because of this, it’s important to ensure that they’re in good shape before the cold months set in. If they’re not functioning properly, look for experts who specialise in boiler repairs St Albans and ask them to fix your heating system. With their help, you can bring your gas appliances and pipes back to good shape and ensure they’re ready to keep you and your family warm during winter.

While you’re at it, you can take some steps to reduce the energy consumption of your heating system. For instance, if your boiler is already several years old, you can replace it with a more energy-efficient one with the help of heating engineers St Albans. It may cost a substantial amount up front, but the price is worth it since you’ll consume less power and have lower energy bills down the road.

Draught-proof your home

Even if you’ve hired gas engineers St Albans to install a new boiler or fix your old one, it would still be useless if heat can easily escape from your home. Fortunately, you can easily fix this by taking steps to create a draught-proof house. Go through your doors and windows and seal any cracks where heat can escape and cold air can seep in. Check your loft and cavity wall insulation and top it up if needed, and don’t forget to insulate your hot water tank and pipes.

Pay attention to the outside of your property

Snow, wind, and rain can do a lot of damage to your property, but you can prevent this from happening by taking several steps. Replace any roof tiles and fix any loose ones, and trim any trees in your garden to avoid the damage that falling branches can cause. Make sure to clean your gutters and free them from leaves, dirt, and other debris to prevent water from backing up and damaging your soffits and ceiling.

Create an emergency kit

You can never tell when you’d encounter a power outage and/or become snowed in your home. So, before winter comes, make sure to prepare an emergency kit that contains warm clothing and blankets, enough food and water for several days, torches and batteries, and other essentials. With this kit, you and your family can survive no matter what happens.

Write a list of important phone numbers

Get the contact details of your plumbing and heating specialists St Albans so you’ll know what number to call if you’d have problems with your boiler or heating system. Do the same for your plumber, electrician, utilities company, and insurance provider as well as your local police, fire department, and other authorities.

Keep these tips in mind to be ready for whatever winter may bring!

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