Boiler Servicing and Repairs Harrow

Why should you service your boiler?

Many of us might see an annual gas boiler service as an unnecessary expense – everything seems to be running fine, so why bother, right? Wrong!

Two words come to mind when thinking about a boiler service; SAFETY and EFFICIENCY

Your gas boiler and central heating system, just like your car with its annual MOT, need a little TLC from time to time to ensure they’re running as they should be.

Gas boiler inspection and safety

Saving money is one thing but not at the expense of risking our lives or those of our loved ones. For that reason it’s absolutely essential you have your gas boiler inspection at least once a year.

While modern boilers are incredibly safe and highly unlikely to have safety issues after installation there’s always a small chance something can go wrong like gas leakage or a fire. Potential issues are usually leak related – something most of us associate with explosions.

A gas boiler incident might not be quite so dramatic though… a tiny leak or carbon monoxide output is much more insidious and can kill silently and quickly, without fuss or fanfare. Don’t fret too much though – these incidents are very rare. BUT they’re a lot rarer for gas boilers that have had a regular annual inspection.

Don’t take chances with your life and the lives of your family – make sure you get your boiler inspected once a year!

Gas boiler servicing and efficiency

By having your boiler inspected on a regular basis you can actually save money. The main reasons for the inspection are to check the boilers safety and to ensure there are no leaks causing damage to the boiler which could prove more costly if not addressed.

It is highly recommended that an inhibitor is inserted into the system to prevent debris build up which causes circulation problems and increase the cost of your bills. If required this can be carried out at the same time as your inspection for a small additional cost.