Powerflushing of your central heating system

If you are finding that your system is taking along time to come up to temperature and the radiators are only getting warm / forever bleeding your radiators / finding cold spots on them, then you would benefit from a Powerflush. This is required on new installations and is part of our service in our boiler upgrades.

The Powerflush is designed to make your system more efficientl so that it heats up quicker and keeps fuel bills down. Our service from start to finish is designed to give you complete peace of mind. The central heating boilers we install will be A rated energy efficient boilers, which also helps the environment.

All installations are registered through gas safe & local councils for which you will receive certification.

After a Powerflush we highly recommended a inhibitor to be put into the system to stop the build of debris, this can be done yearly at the same time as your boiler inspection.